• On November 17, 2014, I slipped and fell and fractured my distal radius while walking on a slippery surface in the rain. Exactly one year later, I was able to do a handstand hold! A major obstacle in recovery was conquered. I never would have gotten this type of mobility back without CrossFit. Thank you Yankee CrossFit and Brendan Marolda. Your knowledge of how to help me recover, confidence in my abilities and your kindness is so very greatly appreciated!

    Monique Nadeau
  • Brendan Marolda is one of the fittest, knowledgable coaches I have ever met.

    Ian Montalvo
  • Great place. Great group of people and the coaching staff is absolutely phenomenal.

    Carlo Fasano
  • The best coaches around! And lots of the best athletes as well. I hope to be one of their best someday. Keep bringing on the damn good programming too, Brendan! No other place I'd rather be.

    Roland Dufresne
  • Yankee CrossFit is a great gym with people who love what they do and are very focused on helping others in their journey to living a healthy lifestyle.

    CJ Gagne
  • I joined this Gym for a few weeks while working locally, initially I joined because they were the closest gym and I thought that the name might annoy a couple of my friends back home in south GA. Man, did I ever luck out!! I drop in on gyms around the country in my travels and I can safely say that Yankee CrossFit is one of New England's jewels. Brendan is an amazing coach and his ethic is echoed through the staff and their community. While the workouts were often super intense, I never once felt physically compromised or hurt 'in the bad way'. That is a direct reflection of Yankee’s programing and their comprehensive pre-workout mobility exercises and joint warm up. In my opinion, this gym is prefect for elite athlete, beginner or the 'get it when you can-ers' like myself. If you are local or just passing through and are looking for the right gym, Yankee CrossFit is definitely worth the visit. Oh, and they offer weekly Olympic Weightlifting classes!!!

    Shawn Ledford
  • CrossFit forces me to have an amazing workout every time I visit. Forget what the haters say - this is an amazing group of individuals who put fitness first. It's not clicky as some people say CrossFit is. Brendan the owner is so patient, passionate and energetic - it's infectious! I highly recommend this gym for anyone who wants to take their body and fitness seriously.

    Angelina Capalbo
  • When I was looking to get in shape for my wedding in 2013, I Googled CrossFit gyms in my area because I had heard of CrossFit on Facebook and was intrigued by this type of exercise. While I went to the gym on and off for the past 10 years, I never really knew what I was doing and never saw the results I was seeking. So I decided to give this CrossFit thing a try. After trying a few different gyms and classes, I picked Yankee CrossFit in Farmington, CT because it gave me the best feeling out of the others. Mostly because of the head coach, Brendan Marolda. He seemed the most knowledgable and was doing CrossFit the longest out of the other coaches in the area. Honestly, I was hooked instantly. The workouts are hard but fun and everyone scales to their abilities. I feel like I'm at recess every time I'm at the gym! My body has taken a complete transformation. I have a new appreciation for muscles and have made health and fitness a huge focus in my life. It's finally become my lifestyle, not something I dread doing. But the best part about joining Yankee CrossFit is the community. I now have a ton of new friends who encourage me daily and want me to succeed in everything I do. If you're looking to change your life for the better and finally adapt a new lifestyle, you MUST give Yankee CrossFit a try. It really is for everyone!
    Sherrie Shover
  • Every workout presents new challenges! Great coaching and wonderful people make YCF a great place for fitness.

    Caroline Benoit